Bringing together people and resources to support equitable and sustainable community development at Yesler Terrace and in surrounding neighborhoods

By Yesler Community Collaborative and Weber Shandwick

A city for the many

Seattle has been dubbed the crane capitol of the nation. Rapid development and displacement are threatening the very character that has traditionally made Seattle a desirable and livable city.

Yesler Community Collaborative advocates for equitable development to preserve cultural and economic diversity in Seattle, with housing that is affordable for all. Weber Shandwick, a global integrated marketing firm, has produced this video to assist us in articulating this important message so that we can own our growth and remain a city for the many.

Founded in June 2014, Yesler Community Collaborative supports the creation of healthy, resilient and environmentally sustainable neighborhoods. Our goal is to foster social equity, economic opportunity and great educational and health outcomes for residents, and to extend the positive impact of Yesler Terrace redevelopment to benefit surrounding communities and the environment.

Connector, coordinator, convener

We convene our community partners to identify shared interests, visions and goals. Then we take action together to achieve those goals in the arenas of housing, environment, economic opportunity, health and well-being, and—with the Seattle University Youth Initiative—education.

We connect the dots across issue areas in cross-neighborhood work groupsto test pilot programs and advocate for policy change at the city, county and state levels. Where interests coincide across neighborhoods we coordinate efforts, amplifying common voices and augmenting resources.

As a backbone organization, we further our partners’ agendas and lend our expertise, building local capacity and offering just the extra measure of support it takes to achieve collective impact.

What success looks like

Yesler Community Collaborative aims to contribute to the overall health and revitalization of the neighborhoods surrounding Yesler Terrace—First Hill, Capitol Hill, the Central Area and the Chinatown-International District.

Success means that Yesler Terrace and surrounding neighborhoods will be seamlessly connected, environmentally sustainable and resilient, while each community maintains its unique culture and identity. Residents in all these communities will have access to resources for economic opportunity, housing, health care, education, arts and culture. Their quality of life will be commensurate with that of residents across the region.

2017 Progress Report

Some issues we’re working on


We are working with our neighborhood partners to address issues of affordable housing and promote anti-displacement strategies through advocacy and education.


Seattle University is working closely with the Seattle Housing Authority to improve achievement of students in the schools attended by Yesler Terrace youth. The Seattle University Youth Initiative has supplied tutors and counselors in several schools. Over the past several years they have made steady progress in improving academic achievement..


Several organizations, including Capitol Hill Housing, Futurewise and International Living Future Institute, are taking leadership in this area to promote the eco-district concept more broadly and promote environmental goals across our neighborhoods.

Health & Well Being

Organizations in the Seattle Chinatown - International District neighborhood are working together, along with Swedish Hospital, to implement the 2020 Healthy Community Action Plan which they developed through the BUILD Health Challenge program.

Economic Opportunity

Seattle University’s Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship is taking the lead in promoting and assisting small businesses and entrepreneurs in our neighborhoods. The Seattle Housing Authority, working with local small businesses, is placing low-income residents into an innovative “job shadowing” program where they learn work skills and gain practical experience.


YCC is involved in several advocacy efforts to alleviate displacement in the neighborhoods surrounding Yesler Terrace and further equity. These include working with components of Seattle City government to influence Comprehensive Plan decisions and promote an Equitable Development Initiative.

Tour our neighborhoods

Take a moment to enjoy and appreciate the diversity of these neighborhoods through the slide show (to the left). Just as they are, these communities offer cultural richness and variety. Our collective challenge is to recognize this and support opportunity for all in these communities as they grow and change.

Photo Credits
Images generously provided by Seattle University, Seattle Housing Authority, the Bullitt Center and the following individuals: Brian Chu, Steve Babujak, Nic Lehoux and Chris Kalinko.