Yesler Terrace - Kebero Court

Photo by Virginia Felton

Pioneer Square - Pergola

Photo by Virginia Felton

Capitol Hill - Bullitt Center

Photo by Nic Lehoux

Central Dist. – Pratt Fine Arts

Photo by Virginia Felton

First Hill - Seattle U

Photo by Chris Kalinko/Seattle University

Capitol Hill - Group Health Coop

Photo by Virginia Felton

Little Saigon Market

Photo by Brian Chu Photography

First Hill - Frye Art Museum

Photo by Virginia Felton

Central Dist. – Bailey-Gatzert Kids

Photo courtesy of Seattle University

Pioneer Square - First & Yesler

Photo by Virginia Felton

Yesler Terrace - Broadway & Yesler

Photo by Virginia Felton

International Dist. Street Scene

Photo by Brian Chu Photography

Capitol Hill - 12th Ave. Arts

Photo by Virginia Felton

International Dist. - Hing Hay Park

Photo by Brian Chu Photography

Our Work

We are a nonprofit organization that brings together partners in the education, housing, environment, health care, business, arts, government and philanthropic sectors to support equitable and sustainable community development at Yesler Terrace and in surrounding neighborhoods. Our intent is to foster connections and leverage existing resources to amplify and expand the revitalization work taking place.

Our Partners

Our Core Partners are the Seattle Housing Authority and Seattle University, both of which are focused on redevelopment efforts at Yesler Terrace and the Yesler neighborhood. We also work with community partners in the surrounding neighborhoods who are engaged in this community development work. Our collective work is generously supported by local and national financial partners.


We offer a number of studies, white papers and links to information of interest to our partners and those who support this revitalization work. Here you will find materials of interest regarding best practices, redevelopment plans, success stories and background information. Please let us know of additional resources we should add.